A research center is only as good as its personnel.  At CDCRI, we pride ourselves on having dedicated, well-trained persons doing their best to execute your trial to exacting standards.    Our coordinators and research assistants have worked across multiple trials and with a variety of medications, devices or biologic agents.  Many times they have had prior experience in other fields of medicine and bring that experience to bear on our dermatology and aesthetics specific trials. Typically a study will be covered by several staff members to ensure adequate coverage and manpower to see a trial through to completion.   Our Principal Investigator, Dr. Stacy Smith, works closely with each staff member to ensure they have the these key components required for a research staff member at any institution or clinic:

  • A broad knowledge of product development – In this way the staff understands where the sponsor is in their development timeline and are better able to understand the goals of any particular study

  • practical understanding of Good Clinical Practices – Not just memorization of regulations but why things are done the way they are in clinical research

  • A understanding of the disease or condition under study – In this way, they can understand the unique requirements of patients with the condition, concomitant medications that are commonly seen, why washout durations have specific lengths and much more

  • A detailed understanding of the protocol and the unique features or requirements it may have – In research the protocol is often called “The Bible”, it helps to know it chapter and verse.

    Our Friendly Staff

    Our Friendly Staff