Because we specialize in conducting research studies, we often have multiple studies underway at any time.  Each study is unique.  Here are the ways they are or may be different:

  • Directed at a specific disease or problem – psoriasis, acne, eczema, toenail fungus etc

  • Testing a specific medication

  • Use a medication type – some are oral medications, many are topical (creams, ointments, solutions), some are injections

  • Have a specific duration – some studies are only a few weeks long, others can be a year or more

  • Have a particular visit schedule – usually not a regular schedule but more like 1 week after starting then 2 weeks after that then a month later etc.

  • Offer payment based on the amount of time and effort required by you, the subject.  Almost all studies pay a stipend and insurance is never required.

The menu at the left lists our current studies by disease type.  Click on any that look like they may apply for more information