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CDCRI is dedicated to finding and using the best available therapies in dermatology. We do this by performing clinical research studies to help develop and become familiar with the latest treatments before they become available to day-to-day physicians. By using and understanding new and upcoming therapies, we can provide the absolute best care possible to all our patients Our research work is performed at the request of large and small pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. The data obtained is used to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of new products to meet FDA requirements for approval and marketing.

We have conducted numerous research trials in psoriasis. We are very familiar with this disease. We can offer numerous ways to help you control your disease, whether by participating in a research study for a new treatment for psoriasis or aggressively managing it with the medicines that are already available. The bottom line? If you have psoriasis, you should call us.

Although dermatology is often regarded as a less serious field of medicine, if you have a dermatologic illness or problem, we understand that it is serious to you. Serious problems sometimes require serious medications. We prescribe a wide variety of medications for skin diseases and often will prescribe more novel products than other physicians or offices. If you want a better answer, we can provide one.

We take acne seriously. If you are serious about getting rid of your acne, we can help. We have research studies for new medications and devices to treat acne as well.

It’s not just diseases for us, beauty is important too. No one likes to look old and there are lots of products sold that purport to make you look better.  We can help you understand and choose products and treatments that WORK, not just the latest thing.

If it’s new, it is probably not new to us

By performing research studies we see how and when new products come to market.  Products are regulated in various ways and depending upon how they are reviewed and analyzed by our government impacts how effective they actually may be.  We will tell you if something has promise or if it just more baloney.